無職後輩K vol1






On the morning of March 15, my phone rang. It was a call from my friend K.

He told his story to me. He lost his 3 years love just a few days ago, and his mind won’t make himself go work. Even If he tried to, his feet never goes to his workplace. He was a salesman of certain luxury car dealer. Stopping his car at the place where is just a few steps for his workplace, he wondered. The problem is to stay on my job or not. To become a man who can buy this expensive cars which I am selling now.

I recommended him, who is brokenhearted, complaining about his situation as unexpected (though he has a good score of sales), to quit his job now and start up the company. I told him as a kind of joke, I thought.





And he left the company.

I thought he’s gone completely crazy. He seemed to quit his job as soon as he hang up my phone. Then he packed his luggage, and came to our KYOTOLAB office. It’s enough for everyone to call him crazy, even making a decision on the spot and come out from his home. But this is not the only craziness, his destination was this KYOTOLAB. The only thing I could was to laugh.




From this issue, I will distribute his documentary articles in this email newsletter often. The man with no rational judgment ability, who can judge things only with such kind of emotions.




Together with you readers, as a complete stranger, I would like to write this article enjoying, toying, and laughing the life of this young man with a hopeful future.